In preparation


By chance I stumbled upon Ethan Lee’s photography on Flickr then went to his website. There is something just right about his images.

Piotr Kulczycki, Amazing travel photographer from Poland who has travelled to an impressive number and range of countries and produced beautiful photographs

Gideon Vass, the son of an old friend, is a photography graduate of Manchester School of Art. His site is here.

Diana Matar, politically committed explorations of State sponsored violence, photography and testimony

Graeme Weston’s project ‘Mostly Left Turns‘ documents the sites and events of fatal cycling accidents in London. He was selected by LensCulture as a winner of their Visual Storytelling Awards 2015. As a London cyclist I find his work chilling and familiar.

Techniques and reviewers

Many popular photography websites are run by technical geeks who happen to turn their attention to cameras. Its hard to find resources from people who first and foremost have a visual or intelligent documentary interest.

Steve Simon: the start of one of his courses is here.

The British Journal of Photography, usually featuring committed documentary photography